Oil & Gas Production Service

Technical Capability

Petro-king has participated in the production and construction of many large oil & gas fields, performing the writing of commissioning plan, maintenance manual, and standard production operation procedures. BUT production service of MISSAN oilfield has gained highly praise from the owner MOC; CPF commissioning and debugging work of COOEC Enpal project also wins recognition and appreciation from our consumer.

Product & Service

· Oil & gas field production technology service

· Provide excellent oil & gas production supervisors and operators 

· Write standard operating procedures for oil & gas production (SOP)

· Provide on-site training for operation personnel

· Commissioning services for oil & gas field production

· Provide excellent oil & gas production, commissioning, supervision and operation personnel

· Write operation regulations for oil & gas field commissioning

· Provide on-site training for operation personnel

· Oil & gas field maintenance technical services

· Provide excellent engineers for oil & gas equipments maintenance and supervision

· Write standard oil & gas maintenance and operating procedures

· Provide on-site training for maintenance personnel

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