Equipped with workover rig and affiliate equipments for the clients workover operations. After years development, PK have well accumulate professionals team and workover, fishing experience.

PK XJ-550 workover rig can satisfy almost the workover operation, 6 wells had been done successful up to the end of last year.

· Fishing service

Fishing service for normal well, high challenge well and super deep well, the service includes technical proposal, fishing tool and field operation.

· Casing repairing service

Regarding to the casing damage and other problems, PK can provide proposal, tool and operation service aim at different casing repairmen.

· Milling service

PK have the capacity of milling tool design, production and field milling operation service base on the client required.

· Water tracing and water shutoff service

Water tracing and water shutoff new technology import to create value for clients.

· Pump detection and change service

Formulate and provide pump detection and change pump service for customer base on the production regularity.

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