Oilfield Management service

Accompanied by the oilfield development improvement and refinement, modern management service for the oilfield is what PK focus on, which will help for the dynamic monitoring, refine recovery management and oilfield stable production.

As the new and important field in the industry, PK always to be the first. We actively import new technology and equipments so as to create value for the clients.

· Dynamic monitoring

Dynamic monitoring can achieve the downhole pressure balance, temperature monitor, surface data transmission and analysis, ensure the production situation and adjust if necessary.

· Production logging

From the slickline and wireline operation and combine reading data and saved data, analysis and diagnose the problem in order to provide a solution.

· Oilfield flooding service

Exact flooding service for oilfield can solve the problem for client in the actual situation.

· Profile control and water plugging service

PKowns professional equipments, talents and technology for different reservoir,which improves production enhancement for the clients.

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