Oil recovery technology service

Oil recovery technology service includes normal oil recovery technology and down hole solutions, in the purpose to provide completely oil recovery technology service. The service contains Flowing production service, Secondary oil recovery production, Third oil recovery production, Heavy / high oil production service.

PK actively import new technology, especially what we used for the third oil recovery production and heavy / high oil production service is the top one.

· Flowing production service

Flowing production technology uses downhole choke, safety valve and other equipments by lifting method, which flow out by downhole pressure.

· Secondary oil recovery production

PK import new secondary oil recovery production technology as the client required.

· Third oil recovery production

PK import new third oil recovery production technology including the resistance improvement polymer and surfactant as the chemical method production.

· Heavy / high oil production service

Our service includes thermodynamics, chemical and attenuation method and other advanced new technology, which help to improve the oil flow in heavy / high oil production.

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