Artificial Lift Services

Service Capabilities

· Engineering Design

· Equipment Provision

· Installation Service

· Rental Service

· Project Management and Optimization Services

· Electric Submersible Pump (338/387/400/538/675 series ESP)


· Three-dimensional design with computer, energy efficient;

· Series pumps have a wide scope of usage;

· Floating, semi-floating and fully compressed structure and targeted design to sand control, anti-corrosive, can adapt to different conditions;

· Precision casting, Nickel-containing cast iron guide wheel with a stable and good work performance;

· With Monel K-500 high-strength axis;

· Wear pad with CEF phenolic cloth material;

· 387/400/540 series products have the same connection type with Reda products, good compatibility;

· 338/538/675 series products designed with independent.

Specification Table

SeriesPump OD In(mm)Casing Min OD In(mm)60Hz Min Flow Rate(BPD)60Hz Max Flow Rate(BPD)50Hz Min Flow Rate(m3/d)50Hz Max Flow Rate(m3/d)

Electrical Submersible Motor

Specification Table

SeriesNormalHigh TemperatureAnti-Corrosion
Well Temp

Used in 90℃~120℃


Used in 120℃~150℃


Used in 120℃(248℉)

Products compatible and exchangeable with Reda

The use of anti-rotor bearings

35CrMo high strength shaft

High quality silicon steel sheet

High temperature thrust bearing

Fluorine rubber seals

Improved base on normal products

Class H Insulating Paint

PTFE high temperature tank insulation 215 ℃ (420 ℉)

Nomex wedge and phase, end insulation

Improved base on normal products

Class H Insulating Paint

HSN apron or AFLAS apron, the motor surface can be sprayed Monel K-500

Monel K-500 bolts

Casing SizeMax Temp. in useSeries60Hz Power50Hz Power

Ancillary Equipment: Safety valve, Non-return valve, electric cable package and so on.

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) Equipment and Tools

Ability to provide program design, equipment and tools, on-site installation and commissioning and post-production management of integrated services for customers to save time and effort. Products are widely used in coalbed gas drainage and high viscosity oil production.

Service capabilities

· Program Design

· Provision of PCP Equipment

· PCP Installation service

· PCP Rental Service

· PCP Management and Optimization Service

PCP Equipment

· Progressive cavity pump system for coalbed gas: Petro-king provides dedicated PCP for coalbed gas reservoir based on reservoir characteristics, provide dedicated rubber stator to solve the lubrication and coal powder carrying problem, etc. The displacement range: 0.5-400 cubic meters per day, the delivery lift range: 900-1200 meters, Maximum pump pressure: 11-25 MPa, speed range: 30-300 rpm, the maximum treatment of coal dust content of 30%, widely used in drainage and gas recovery market of domestic and foreign coalbed gas reservoir. 

· Electrical submersible progressive cavity pump system: Petro-king provide the electrical submersible progressive cavity pump, is fit for exploit fluid that has high viscosity and solid phase, has good anti gas lock property, has demulsification effect; suction is continuous and smooth; suitable for vertical well, deviated well, horizontal well , the pump volume is small, noise is low; the surface equipment is simple, because there is no sucker rod, there will be no broken pole and the occurrence of partial grinding; Displacement range: 1.5-65 cubic meters per day, head range: 500-1300 meters, the maximum pump pressure: 7-20 MPa, speed range: 40-150 revolutions per minute, more energy saving than the traditional ground driven PCP pump.

Gas Lift Equipment and Tools

Has many years of gas lift experience, can develop a proper program according to customer’s needs. Has a professional operation team, can provide excellent performance equipment, can provide high quality and efficient services.

 Service Capabilities

· Program design

· Provision of Gas Lift Tools

· Operation Services

· Supporting Product

Gas Lift Product

· Conventional tool: Fixed gas lift mandrel, side pocked mandrel, gas lift valve, running and pulling tools, etc.

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