Well Testing Services

Surface Well Testing

To ascertain if there is commercial oil/gas flow in the new area/structure; to identify oil bearing area, oil/water or gas/water boundaries, oil/gas production capacity, and type of drive; To verify the cognition of oil/gas production capacity of reservoir, and verify the log interpretation result’s reliability. To evaluate reservoir, and make accurate conclusion of water/oil/gas zone.

· Operation Procedure:

Wiper trip、clean out、sand clean out; Well bore pressure test; induce oil、gas flowing; testing、completing、handing over the well and putting into production.

· Induce oil、gas flowing: 

There are lots of flow back methods like well flowing by displacement、pumping、bailing、gas lifting、single progressive cavity pump of well head drive, and so on.

· Testing Outcome:

(1)Deliverability Data: Acquire tubing pressure、casing pressure、temperature of oil layer 、temperature of liquid、outturn of oil/gas/water、static temperature of oil layer etc for natural flowing                  wells.  Acquire production depth、recovery time、production time、cycle length、production of oil/gas/water in a cycle、static pressure/temperature of oil layer etc. for non-natural flowing wells.

(2)Well Testing Data: Packer setting depth、pressure gauge setting depth、downhole temperature and downhole pressure curve、close in time、recovery liquid quantity and so on.

(3)Sampling Data: Acquire relative density of oil/gas/water、viscosity of crude oil on the ground and in the downhole、sulfur, wax, gum and other content, freezing point, the initial boiling point, BW          and the various ion content, total salinity, PH value etc. in the formation.

· Testing Equipment

(1)Equipment: 15000pis high pressure surface line, 15000pis hydraulic safety valve, ESD control panel, 15000pis choke manifold, two-phase separator, automatic ignition and so on.

(2)Conventional Tools: Explosion proof temperature/pressure transmitter, Seismic anti - sulfur pressure gage, Critical flow meter, U tube flow meter, Digital target flow meter, Date acquisition system            and so on.

(3)Experimental Apparatus: Oil hydrometer; Centrifuge, Test apparatus and chemical medicine, sample tools, and so on.

(4)Other Tools: Gas detector, Positive pressure respirator and so on.


Drilling Stem Test (DST)

Petro-king has many years DST operation experience, a lot of field service in domestic and foreign market. With a full set of DST tools, operation engineers have abundant field experience, able to provide drilling stem test、tubing test、MFE+TCP test and so on.

· Service Capabilities

Provision of DST tools and services: During the normal drilling, according to the degree of oil and gas display, use DST tools and equipment to measure the pressure, production, and sampling, to evaluate reservoir.

· DST Equipment

DST Tools: LPR-N valve, RD safety circulating valve, RTTS packer, Safety joint, DHPG, Reverse circulation valve, Tester, Bypass valve.

Slickline Service

Petro-king slickline service team is skilled in field operation, outstanding in work out complex action, have all kinds of equipment and tools, ability to provide quality and efficient service.


· Service Capabilities

Slickline service

Provide all kinds of slickline equipment and tools.


· Slickline Equipment

Equipment: DNV Wireline Unit SERIAl, well head BOP equipment,

Conventional tools: conventional tool strings, lock mandrels, running and pulling tools, positioning tools, etc.

Fishing tool: Wire detector, wire spear, wire cutting tool, salvage tube, magnetic grab.

Testing tool: Selective testing tools, nonselective testing tools, detection tools.

Other tool: Monolock Plug, expansion device, sand bailer, etc.

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