Wellhead Services

Business Scope

· Provide a wide range of HPHT, anti-H2S and anti-carbon dioxide wellhead equipment and christmas trees.

· Provide the best wellhead structure designs and advice about proper product selection available.

· Provide professional field technical services for product installments and debugging.


· Casing heads


                                               C-22-EG casing head                                                                                      C-29 casing head

· Slip casing hangers

           Type C-22                 Type C-29                   Type C-21                 Type C-122                 Type C-129                 Type C-21-S           and Type C-299

· Casing head spools

                                               C-22-EG casing head spool                                                                  C-29 casing head spool


· Tubing heads

                      Type TCM-ET                                       Type TC-ET                                     Type TC-60-ET                                 and Type TC-WD-ET


· Tubing hangers

The TC series Tubing hangers covers all TC series tubing heads and is widely applied to boreholes where pipeline crossing and tubing manipulation are controllable or not. 


          Type TC-1A               Type TC-1W              Type TC-1A-EN          Type TC-1A-ENS     Type TC-1A-EMS       Type TC-60        Type TC-2C W/DHCV



· Gas/oil christmas trees


        advanced gas christmas           special gas christmas          large-diameter gas                gas christmas tree for                gas christmas tree 

        tree with a single string         tree with a single string            christmas tree                          horizontal well                      for fractured wells

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