Cementing Tools and Service

Technical Capabilities

· Liner rotating cementing for HTHP and high corrosion wells

Have the capabilities of cementing design,tools selection and field operation for HTHP (more than 10,000psi, 1500C) and high corrosion (H2/CO2) wells.

· Liner cementing for high inclination wells, horizontal wells and ultra-deep wells

Can resolve the technical problems of setting difficult, back off difficult and leave a cement plug during proceed cementing operation in high deviated wells, horizontal wells and ultra-deep wells.

· Liner cementing for high density mud and small annular clearance

Choose proper tools and running type aim at different wells’ features and resolve the problem of the liner hanger back off and setting abnormally caused by high solid content, and to realize liner cementing in small annular clearance wells.

· Liner cement for complex well condition of gas channeling, well leakage, etc

Choose proper liner hanger based on the well condition, which can effectively prevent the gas, oil and water channeling and meantime isolate the leakage zone.

· Stage Collar Cementing

Petro-king provides two-stage and multi-stage cementing techniques which are applicable to wells of any size, and which are effective solutions to many cementing problems including multi-stage cementing by way of the combined use of cementing collars and external casing packers. Provision of various stage cementing collars with reliable performance; Advice on tool selection based on well conditions and cost; Professional field technical services can be made available.

· Rotating Liner Cementing

Petro-King has taken the lead in the successful application of the rotating liner cementing technique in onshore wells in China. Since 2003, Petro-King has successfully carried out rotating liner cementing on more than 100 occasions, and has never experienced any failure.

· Rotating Casing Cementing

Taking into account the fact that many horizontal wells exist in exploiting unconventional oil & gas (shale gas), the CDS is developed with a view to ensuring ease of casing running in horizontal wells and extended reach wells and improving cementing quality. The CDS keeps rotating and circulating during the whole process of operation from the start of casing running. In the event of any obstruction, the CDS can be deployed so that the casing can be located at the designed depth. Continuous rotation during cementing can ensure cementing quality. , To date the CDS technique has been successfully applied by EOG Resources in horizontal wells in tight gas reservoirs in Sichuan, China. Globally, the CDS is used for casing running in more than 1000 wells every year.

Main products and services

序号Main ServiceMain Products
1Liner Cementing ServiceRotating Cementing Head, Rotating Liner Hanger, Conventional Liner Hanger, Liner Accessories, etc.
2Rotating Casing Cementing ServiceSimple Top Drive, Casing Drive System, Cementing Plug, Resistant Toque Ring
3Stage Collar Cementing ServiceMechanical Type, Hydraulic Type and Mechanical Packer Type Stage Collar

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