Production Completion

Technical Capabilities

· Conventional Completion

Provision of the completion design, tools selection and quality services in favor of customer’s benefits.

· HPHT and High Sour Gas Wells Completion

Provision of completion design, completion tools selection, manufacturing and on-site completion service for HPHT sour gas wells. The completion system can meet 400°F/204°C and 15,000psi/103MPa downhole condition.

· Monobore Completion

Provision of monobore completion tools and services, such as liner hanger, top packer, accessories, large-bore safety valves, etc. meeting requirements of the high-production wells and provide convenience for future workover.

· Artificial Lift Completion

According to reservoir characteristics and customer needs, propose the optimized artificial lift program, provide artificial lift design and operating program, equipped with advanced operating equipment, and effectively meet customer needs.

· Horizontal Multi-stage Fracturing Completion

Provide horizontal well multi-stage fracturing tools and services, reach to max 17 stages fracturing.

· Sand Control Completion

According to reservoir and sand production characteristics, assist customers to choose and develop appropriate sand control method, select the appropriate sand control tools. Minimizing costs and maximizing the production.

· Intelligent Completion

According to customer needs, to develop intelligent completion design and services, including permanent downhole pressure monitoring system (downhole pressure gauge, cable, wellhead outlet, surface control system etc.); Optical fiber temperature and pressure measurement system; AICD Water Control Screen; ICV downhole flow control tools.

· Extended-reach Wells Completion

Implementation of completion for extended-reach wells of superior difficulty, with the highest horizontal-to-vertical ratio up to 3.7 and average well depth up to 7,600m.

· Dual-string Completion

Provision of dual-string packer, annular safety valve and related products.

· Multilateral Completion

Multilateral completion design, downhole tools supply, operation command and services.

Main products and services

ItemMain ServiceMain Product
1Conventional Completion2-3/8”~ 9-5/8”retrievable safety valves and wireline safety valves; packers, fluid loss valve, anchor seal, sliding side door, chemical injection valves, water injection mandrel, expansion joints, nipples and ball seat etc. applicable to 4-1/2" - 13-3/8" casing.
2HTHP CompletionA series of completion tools meet operating conditions of 400°F/204° and 15,000psi/103MPa.
3Monobore CompletionLiner hanger, top packer, cementing accessories, large bore downhole safety vavle and ancillary products.
4Artificial Lift CompletionESP series, PCP series, side pocket mandrel & gas lift valve series etc.

Horizontal Multi-stage


Open hole packer, hanger packer, hydraulic frac sleeve, frac circulation sub etc.
6Sand Control CompletionVarious types of sand control screen, HPHT sand control technology, openhole gravel pack technology, single zone or multi-zone frac pack technology.
7Intelligent CompletionPermanent downhole pressure and temperature monitor system(downhole pressure gauge, cable, wellhead outlet, surface control panel), optical fiber pressure and temperature monitor system, AICD water control screen, ICV downhole fluid control tools etc.
8Dual-string CompletionDual-string packer, annular safety valve and ancillary products.
9Multilateral CompletionMultilateral well design, tools supply, operational command and service.

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