Integrated Completion

Provide “Integrated Completion Service”, including project completion design(MDP、FEED), completion tools design and manufacturing, single well operation program design, on-site completion services, slick line services, well test services and post-maintenance etc. 

· Oilfield Completion Project Design

Provide the overall completion project design (Oil and Gas Well Characteristics analysis, completion method selection, completion fluid design, sand control design, perforation design, oil production process design, downhole string design, wellhead design, operation program design, stimulation design, well test design etc.), project tender documents preparation.

· Single Well Completion Design

Provide single well completion design, schematic preparation, completion operation program and precaution items.

· Completion Tools Manufacturing

Petro-king has two major production bases in Singapore and Huizhou, capable of producing various types of completion tools to meet the high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion well conditions, and has strong research and development capabilities to provide customized completion tools to meet the special needs of customers.

· Completion Services

Provide professional completion engineers, completion supervisors, completion experts. Provide completion tools base assembly, make-up, pressure test, site installation services, as well as professional technical solutions and services.

· Slick Line and Well Testing Service

Provide slick line operation equipment, tools and service, provide DST test and surface test service.

Case Histories for Completion Project Design:

· 2009, SINOPEC YADA oil field completion BOD design (52 wells)

· 2010, SINOPEC YADA oil field completion FEED design (52 wells)

· 2011, CNPC South Pars block 11 completion FEED design (22 wells)

· 2011, CNPC Turkmenistan project Gas filed completion design (22 wells)

· 2012, CNPC South-Azadegan oil field completion FEED design (185 wells)

· 2014, GWDC/ZPEC (Petronas) Iraq project completion design (7 wells)

· 2015, SIPC China Red River project fracture completion design (60 wells)

· 2016, Petro-AP SM oilfield completion design (2 wells)

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