Directional Drilling

Technical Capability

· Wellpath planning/anti-collision scanning and monitoring

· BHA dynamic analysis/hydraulics design

· Database management

· Measurement QC

· Rotary steering/Geosteering service

· Integrated design and building in special wells,such as extended reach well, branch well, multi-targets well, connected horizontal well, SAGD parallel horizontal well, stairs horizontal well, etc.

Complete Equipment System

· Advanced software in design/construction/analysis

· Various kinds of downhole motors (conventional mud motor, longevity effective mud motor, air motor/turbine, etc)

· Rotary steering system/Vertical drilling system

· High quality measurement instruments (LWD, MWD, EMS, Gyro)

· Full set of special downhole tools (whipstock, hydraulic thruster, hydroscillator, drilling jar, etc)

Excellent Technical Service Team

· Professional expertise(design team, DD, MWD engineer, motor/turbine engineer, maintenance engineer, technical support team)

· Experienced performance in international construction

· Strong capability in extremely difficult well drilling service

· Excellent capability in downhole situation prevention/solution

Typical Case

· Providing various kinds of directional drilling services for SINOPEC and CNPC, including LWD/MWD/trajectory control services in fish-bone branch well, extended reach well, extradeep well, etc.

· Providing high standard technical services in unconventional shale gas wells to Shenhua Group, including Rotary steering/Geosteering services.

· Providing integrated design and construction services in shallow/ultra-shallow extended reach wells in Yanchang oilfield. Meanwhile, supply research services to help its rapid development and high efficient production.

· Performed large size wellbore directional drilling services in 7 wells belonging to PETRONAS and 2 wells belonged to GWDC in Iraq Graff oilfield.

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