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Safety,Our Lifestyle—HSE Training in Da Niu Di Base

Time:2017-03-31 Publisher:

To further improve onsite employees’ knowledges, abilities and safety awareness of hazards identification, risk assessment and control, according to our company HSE training plan in 2017, HSE department organized the HSE management training for all employees in Da Niu Di Base of production business department on April 29th to 30th.


This training is explained and trained in systematically with HSE management system involving HSE policy, objective, risk control, management procedure requirement, emergency and incident investigation etc. Meanwhile, not only shared many classic incidents and cause analysis, combined with the insufficient of HSE management, but also focused on high risk activities specific and thorough special trainings which include lifting operation, hand protection, vehicle driving and electrical safety.


To achieve training effect, HSE department manager combined with his own HSE management experience in oil gas industrial field over 10 years, and linked theory with practices. In the manners of asking, interaction, video demonstration, examination to let employees participate in the process, and understand the key content under lively, delighted atmosphere.

Through this training, all employees in Da Niu Di base have more knowledge and understanding to HSE management system and standards requirement, hazards identification and risk control method, onsite HSE management, especially, to provide a new idea and method for risk control main points of high risk operations on site, and how to intervene any unsafe acts on site timely and effectively, which built the solid base of HSE objective achieving.

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