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Petro-King --A Bright Spot Of 2017 CIPPE

Time:2017-03-20 Publisher:

CIPPE 2017 opened in Beijing on March 20, 2017. Petro-King was exhibiting high-tech products and excellent service at booth W2416.


Petro-King launched the new product ‘Amazing Frac? Dissolvable Bridge Plug’ in this exhibition. Dissolvable Bridge Plug is a new generation solution for the hydraulic frac market, both of the plug body and the element can be dissolved, eliminating the need for drilling out, thus help saving time and cost. Petro-King has taken the lead in successfully implementing the dissolvable bridge plug in the frac operation in China. The ‘Petro-King Amazing Frac? Bridge Plug’ has drawn highly attention on this exhibition, lots of professional came to visit Petro-King’ booth for more information about this tool.

Petro-King technical expert was introducing the ‘Petro-King Amazing Frac? Bridge Plug’ to visitors.

       Petro-King technical expert was answeringvisitor’s questions patiently.                         The Executive Director and CTO of Petro-king was interviewed by ‘IpetroLink’.


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