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China's First Successful Application of Dissolvable Plug-and-Perf Fracturing Technology in PetroChina Jilin Oilfield

Time:2017-02-22 Publisher:

On February 21st, 2017, the first well of China employed the international advanced technology of “Fully Dissolvable Alloy Bridge Plug-and-Perforation Fracturing" was successfully completed by Petro-king in PetroChina Jilin Oilfield.


As a leading supplier in China, Petro-king successfully introduced the complex fast drilling bridge plug into China in 2013. Then early in 2017, Petro-king again successfully introduced the worldwide leading "fully dissolvable ally bridge plug" and completed one well in a very short time with it.


"Plug-and-Perforation", the mainstream technology in the world, has nearly 20 years’ field applications. Unlike traditional plugs, this latest plug with the plug body, anchoring grip and packing element has competitive advantages of disintegrating fully at predictable rates when exposed to wellbore fluids, eliminating the post milling process and accelerating completion time. Complete disintegration ensures that no plug debris are left downhole, thereby protecting the well infrastructure from undissolved components, which can compromise wellbore integrity, restrict access and complicate operations such as future well rejuvenations.


This is a 5.5"-cased well with three stages. The dissolvable bridge plug provides the well with reliable zone isolation during plug-and-perf completion. During the fracturing operation, a total of 1365m3 fracturing fluid and 105m3 proppant were pumped into the formation, with the maximum pump rate at 5.8m3/min and the highest sand ratio up to 15.7%. The plug held 10kpsi pressure rating effectively at a certain period in the fracturing fluid.


In spite of the extreme cold weather and tight schedule, the success of this well has won high reputation for Petro-king’s experienced team and excellent comprehensive service ability. Meanwhile, with the global oil industry recovery, Petro-king was, is and always will be committed to advocating fracturing technology innovation and dedicated to be a leading global oilfield service company.

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