Upgrading Construction of CNOOC MISSAN Oilfield


Project: 90 Old Wells Upgrading Construction of CNOOC MISSAN Oilfield

Time: January 2015 - December 2016

Location:  Middle East

The wells in MISSAN oilfield were built thirty years ago, pipeline aging and corrosion is serious, X-MAS trees are not equipped with SSV and intelligent instruments, may cause potential safety hazards. Through upgrading by petro-king: changed the new line, installed SSV and WHCP, as well as the solar system, RTU system, intelligent instruments (pressure, temperature, flow transmitter), CCTV and communications systems. At present, all wells are in intelligent management, can remotely browse the real-time production status in gas removing station and CPF (data and images), If any leakage, fire happens, can emergently shut off SSV/SCSSV in local and remote CCR. Actualize automation management in the whole oilfield.

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