Sakhalin Offshore Integrated Services


Project: Sakhalin Offshore Integrated Service

Duration: Feb, 2006-Oct, 2012

Location: The sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin

Since Sakhalin project initiation in 2006 Petro-King has provided integrated services four times for Roseneft who is Russia's second largest oil company. Petro-King has completed South Avashi 1, North Veni 1, North Veni 2 and Veni 3 wells with provision of exploration drilling comprehensive services including technical personnel to conduct project management, bidding, contract and procurement, personnel and logistics, drilling, well test and geological design. Petro-King has also provided wellheads, liner hangers, drill bits, casing, tubing, cementing accessories and on-site services. The project set a record to complete two wells in a single operation season in a high latitude & cold sea region and achieved an important oil & gas exploration discovery in north Veni block.

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