Since its establishment in 2002

  • 2013

    · In March 6th,Petro-king host successfully listed in the stock exchange of Hongkong

  • 2012

    · Establishment of regional office in Venezuela and commenced development in South America market

    · Successfully applied 17-stage multistage fracturing of Honghe Oilfield, Zhengjin, Gansu, PRC.

    · Successfully applied our proprietary oil-based drilling mud for a shale gas field at Fuye Oilfield, Chongqing, PRC.

    · Petro-king attained API Spec Q1andISO/TS29001 certifications

    · Petro-king passed re-audit of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

  • 2009

    · Petro-king began to undertake large-scale overseas integrated technology service projects

  • 2008

    · Successfully introduced and applied the use of turbine drilling in the PRC.

    · Successfully applied multistage fracturing in the PRC.

    · Petro-king’s overseas business revenue accounted for over 50% of its total business revenue

    · Petro-king attained ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification issued by DNV

  • 2007

    · The first application of oil expandable packers completion in China onshore

    · Comprehensive management of the first oversea offshore exploration project of SINOPEC completed in Sakhalin, Russia

  • 2006

    · The first successful application of rotating liner cementing in China onshore

  • 2005

    · Undertook first overseas offshore consultancy project, which was an IPM services at the Veni Oilfield, Sakhlin, Russia

  • 2003

    · Petro-king International was founded and initiated market development activities

    · Commenced provision of high-end integrated oilfield services and consultancy services in the PRC

  • 2002

    · Petro-king Oilfield Technology Ltd. was set up

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